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Chapter 1- Personal pronouns, Verbs and Conjugations

Theme: Greetings; Introduction and Basic Conversations with colleagues;


Grammar: Personal Pronouns, Verbs and Conjugation.

Vocabulary: Forms of Greetings, Names of Countries, Languages

Chapter 2- Sentence Questions and W – Questions

Thema: Asking for Information in an Office.

Grammar: Yes/No Questions and W Fragen

Vocabulary: Professions and Names of Departments.

Chapter 3- Definite and Indefinite Articles, Negation and Words in Plural

Theme: Naming and negating things.

Grammar: Article – Definite, Indefinite, Words in Plural.

Vocabulary: Words used in everyday life.

Chapter 4- Articles in Nominative and Akkusative, Numbers

Theme: Daily life at work; writing a letter; Numbers in German.

Grammar: Definite and Indefinite Articles in the nominative and the accusative case.

Vocabulary and Phrases: Verbs with Accusative Objects and Daily life at work.

Chapter 5- Possessive articles in Nominative

Thema: Family, Vacation

Grammar: Possessivartikel in Nominativ

Vocabulary: Family and Relationship, Vacation

Chapter 6- Possesive articles im Akkusativ.

Theme: Describing an apartment; Planning a vacation

Grammar: Possessivarticle in the accusative case

Vacabulary: Words related to 'Apartment' and adjectives

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