Our German Courses

Learn German with lively HimiDipi interactions, concrete grammar explanations, splendid visuals and ample exercises to strengthen and improve your language skills. We encourage you to listen carefully, pronounce properly and to speak German freely.

Course overview

On Demand Course A1.1


Our course design is in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

The course is structured in a way so that you are introduced to a conversation in German language, followed by explanations of sentence structures and accompanying exercises to strengthen your learning.

Throughout the course our instructors encourage you to participate in the dialogues with them. In this course you will learn basic structures of German language such as framing proper sentences and questions and having small conversations on topics like family and work, taking appointments and talking about daily routine and your city.

You will learn nouns, pronouns, verbs, parts of sentences, different types of questions, articles and negations, possessive articles, prepositions and numbers. HimiDipi interactions will not only encourage you to speak but you will also be introduced to email writing and letter writing.

To make learning conducive for you we have divided the entire course of 4 hours duration into 43 short videos. You are also invited to write to us regarding consultation sessions.

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This course includes:
  • 4 hours On demand videos

  • 20 hours of total learning time

  • Web & Mobile access

  • Course completion certificate

  • Interactive exercises at the end of each chapter

  • Additional doubt clearing session provided at cost

  • 3 months of full access